Finding Nemo


I went to the Seattle Aquarium one more time a few weekends ago. Although i wish i went there on a weekday to avoid all the rush, i had a great time. I remember going to the Aquarium in Bombay as a kid with my parents and getting thrilled after seeing those BIG fishes. I thought that maybe with time, the excitement will go down, but no, its as much fun even today. I still remember taking Kalpita to a well near my house to show her tor-too-toise. 🙂 When she was little, she could not say tortoise, she always said tortootoise. Cute. Dont know if she pronounces it right even now. 🙂

I just loved the Aquarium and i am sure i will go there a few more time. I only wish my nephew and nieces were there with me. I can almost imagine them pulling my hand and shouting "Hey see mama (mama means uncle in my mother tongue), there’s Nemo here…". Click the pic to see all the pics i took.

I know some of you will find me kiddish but guess what, i went to the zoo two times last week and still couldnt get enough of it. 🙂

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  1. I pronounce Tortoise properly now..

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