Human touch

There is this small shop called CD Warehouse in the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue. Its a small place and they buy and sell music CD’s, DVD’s and posters. I go there quite often to check what they have got and basically buy used CD’s. They really give u some good deals. I have bot a few Black Crowes CD’s for as less as $1, yes one dollar besides a lot of others for under $5. Its fun to shop at this place and buy CD’s that you want to try, cos its so cheap out there.

This is not the only shop that sells used CD’s but i frequent this shop more than anyother in my area. Reason: Their Human Touch. Let me explain. When i was a kid, i was still in school buying music was a big event. I think i bot a cassette once every 6 months. Factors we considered were
(1) Its something i want to buy ofcourse
(2) Vikas does not have the cassette. This was very important as we did not want to end up with duplicates
(3) Length of the album. This may sound stupid but we did consider that… and as a matter of fact, i sometimes do that even today.
(4) The price. This one is very interesting. Cassettes were priced at Rs. 35, Rs. 38 and Rs. 40. Yet, a Rs. 40 cassette was considered expensive. As it would have taken us a few weeks (if not more to save those extra 2-5 bucks).

I remember the times when we were at Rythym House (thats the best shop in Bombay to buy music – CD’s and Cassettes) deciding on which cassette to buy when some guy will come with a basket with 15-20 CD’s and not even take a minute to even calculate how much will the bill come to. I used to think about the day when i can do that. There were so many cassettes i wanted to buy but i could not afford em. Buying a CD at that time was like buying a house – no jokes. It was something i could have never imagined me doing. But those days was fun. I miss those times Vikas.

Coming back to CD Warehouse. They have this note that caught my eye. The note read something like "Please dont steal. We are here for you. If there is some CD that you really want and cannot afford, please talk to us and we can see whats the best we can do for you." Man, thats something i always wanted as a kid. That was really cool.

Someday, i want to start my own music store with a cafe. I dont know if i will do it, but i think i will really enjoy doing that. That day, i shall do something similar to make sure that kids like me, who cannot afford some of the CD’s, get a chance to enjoy the music…

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  1. Unknown says:

    Those days were the best!!! I remember on of the sales guy from Rhythm house selling Enigma to one of those guys with a CD basket as being similar to Pink Floyd :D. And going to Twin coz they stocked old stock of tapes priced at Rs. 45 while the prices of tapes were Rs 60 or Rs 75. And when you plan on starting that cafe, count me in!!!

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