Tedeschi Trucks Band, McCaw Hall – Seattle

I thank my stars for the day I discovered Derek Trucks. Man, I just love that guy. He has brought so much joy to my life. I am so glad that he was not having an off night the first time I saw him play years ago at the Tulalip Casino. It was a mind-blowing performance and he has consistently delivered one amazing performance followed by another. The last time he was in the Seattle area, he played at the Marymoor Park and I felt that was one of the best live shows that I will ever see. It was outdoors, in a park, around the sunset time and right after Johnny Winter had passed and the band sounded like ear candy. Just the sweetest sound ever. With such a big entourage, one might feel like there is too much going on but not with the band is TTB, they just sound magical. The McCaw show was similar. I mean, in some ways it may have even been better. The highlights were “Soul Sacrifice”, “How Blue Can You Get?” and “With a Little Help From My Friends”. The show was amazing! One silly fact, I have seen Derek Trucks play over 20 times but this was the first time I saw him play at the same stage twice. ha ha. How often does something like that happen?

Pics are here.

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2 Responses to Tedeschi Trucks Band, McCaw Hall – Seattle

  1. Susan says:

    Hey Santosh – Nice review and great web blog…I just discovered it down the rabbit hole of the internet. I came down from Victoria for that TTB show last September; it was incredible. The church of TTB is one of the holiest places to feel the music. Did you see that Jimmy Herring and John McLaughlin are doing a tour late this year, ‘the Meeting of the Spirits,” and are playing the Moore Theatre on Dec 5th. Christmas is coming early!

    • santosht says:

      Thank you, Susan! That sure was a great show. I am not sure if you saw them when they played at the Marymoor Park. That is one of THE BEST shows I have ever been to. I can barely contain my excitement to see the “Meeting of the Spirits”. I bet it’s going to be magical! I love both those guys and luckily I have managed to score tickets to the show. Are you planning to attend?

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