Tuatara, Seamonster Lounge – Seattle (Nov, 2014)

I was eagerly waiting for this show. I was expecting one of these super star guitar players, McCready or Buck alongside the usual suspects: Barrett Martin (Drums and Keys), Skerik (Sax) Andy Coe (Guitars), Evan Flory-Barnes (Bass), Steve Moore (Trombone and Keys). Too bad that Skerik wasn’t playing. The show was awesome. These guys seemed like they play together everyday. So tight. Amazing music. Checkout their latest album – Underworld – if you haven’t already.

These guys are amazing. I was totally surprised to not see a bigger crowd there. Wish there were more people and wish these guys play many many more shows. I am looking forward to the December show.

My lens have no zoom. So couldn’t get a shot of the entire band together. But here you go:

Pics are here.

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