Tom Morello and Audioslave re-union of sorts, El Corazon – Seattle

I have been extremely lucky to have seen Tom Morello as Nightwatchman each time he has stopped in Seattle. From the old Crocodile to the re-modeled Crocodile, Easy Street (Queen Anne), Showbox. All of it. He puts up a phenomenal show. Man! In my opinion, he has a lot to do with the Soundgarden reunion. Even if thats not the case, TADGarden rocked. And thank you Tom!

Friday night was another perfect show! He had a mix of electric Nightwatchman stuff with acoustic – the song Garden of Gethsemane just blows me away each time. Is that a tribute to Layne? He mentioned the song was about a singer from Seattle who is no more.

Watch him play that song at the Guitar Center stage here:

I have always loved his solo stuff. He knows how to latch you into a groove and his songs make you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Loved the way he introduced Chris Cornell to the stage, to harmonize and duet with him on Save the Hammer. Beautiful! The he left Chris alone to play a few songs solo. And when Chris started playing “I am the highway” the band “Freedom Fighter Orchestra” quietly got back on stage and started rocking out. Clearly they were having as much fun as every one in the crowd. Tom played some mind-blowing solos. He was extra awesome on “Ghost of Tom Joad”. My god, I so glad to have been there!

The Cornell-Morello setlist:
Save the Hammer
-Chris Solo-
I’m the Highway
Doesn’t Remind Me
Your Time Has Come
The Ghost of Tom Joad
This Land is Your Land

My favorite moments were that of Tom talking about playing on that same stage with Rage Against the Machine and then Chris mentioning that the only real Temple of the Dog show happened on the same stage as well. He also talked about the first ever Pearl Jam show and how awesome they were even then. Can-you-believe-that! How I wish I saw one of those shows!

Anyways, that had to be a perfect Tom Morello show. It has all the elements of a Nightwatchman show. The reunion with Chris Cornell was amazingly special. This one will stay in my memory forever! Thank you again, Tom!

No cameras allowed, so this is all i could manage.

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