Walking Papers, The Crocodile – Seattle (Sep 2014)

I have seen Walking Papers like a dozen times but I haven’t seen them enough. They put up such a great show! And their debut album is a gem! Mindblowing stuff!

I love Barrett Martin, he is just awesome. I also love Jeff Angell. If you like Walking Papers, then you should check out Jeff’s other projects too. He is amazing! “Consequences” by Missionary Position is one of my fav albums! Barrett is very prolific, and has played with everyone under the sun. His influences and style varies so much that its hard to point any one thing. Tuatara’s (Barrett’s other band) latest album – Underworld is also amazing. Ofcourse, I did not want to miss this show.

After some trouble, I managed to score a ticket (another story, for another time).

The show was awesome with the band playing about 7 new songs (songs that are not on the album). The sound is very crisp. The one complain that I have is that, the band is now missing the rawness that was there in their earlier shows. They just appear a little too rehearsed. They just seemed to be enjoying themselves more earlier. But please dont get me wrong, they sound fantastic! One comment about the new songs, they are kind-of progressing from the blues influence. I felt the new songs were missing the cool bluezy guitar riffs.

For my liking, their best show was the one at Easy Street Records. Barrett was on fire that day, man what a memorable show! These guys are my fav rock band from the Seattle area. I do wish they become big but at the same time I wish they will continue to play these small clubs, The Crocodiles, The Sunsets and The Jazz Bones.

Anyways, do check them out if you have a chance. Fantastic band.

Pics are here.

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