Meeting EMEK!

Believe it or not, I got to meet the legend, EMEK! I love his art and I religiously follow his work. I got to talk about some of my favorites of his work. If you dont already know who he is, the do yourself a favor and explore his work.

Few EKEK posters that I own:
Soundgarden + Nine Inch Nails, 2014 – Seattle

How EMEK described the poster:
Midnight notes from on the spectrum
People ask me how I come up with my ideas
Most of them come to me in my dreams like this piece did…
Right before I went to sleep I was listening to some old nine inch nails and old Soundgarden…
Then I woke up in the middle of the night with these thoughts and vision.
Sartre said hell is other people
Yet we are alone.
Dante said there were nine concentric planes of hell
9×4 = 36 skeletons pictured… 36 is 3&6 is 9…nine inch nails
I wanted to draw something representing coming to peace with pieces of our own inner demons, thoughts and mortality.

Monumental yet Futile
Babel’s Tower of contemplative ghosts
Elevated into the ether
Like so many lost thoughts
Hermetically sealed into memories
from future dreams now lost
Plumbing circuitry parasiting on the remains of a mind palace
Saw less
So less
Soul less
So low.
So.. Go.

The Dead, 2009 – Gorge (one of my favorite posters ever!):

27 Club (its actually by PNE – that includes EMEK):

Queens of the Stone Age, Seattle – 2011

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