My “Baseball Project” vinyl were autographed by everyone from band but for Peter Buck. Hopefully someday he will sign it too.
The Baseball Project – 3rd.

The Baseball Project – High and Inside.

Harvey Danger and Sean Nelson:
All were autographed by Sean. He is such a sweet guy! Man! Dead Sea Scrolls is on CD, rest are vinyl.

Harvey Danger – Dead Sea Scrolls:

Harvey Danger – Little by Little:

Harvey Danger – Where are all the Merry Makers gone?

Sean Nelson – Make Good Choices:

Tom Morello – World Wide Rebel Songs:

The Last Internationale – We Will Reign:
I got to say hello to the band and actually speak to Brad Wilk!!! Too bad the picture did not come out well. 😦 The entire band signed my vinyl.

King Buzzo – This Machine Kills Artists:
Long overdue, finally scored this on vinyl.

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