Soundgarden, White River Amphitheater – Auburn

The mighty Soundgarden played at the White River Amphitheater as part of their summer tour with Nine Inch Nails. I’ve been lucky to have seen them on multiple occasions in the past. TADGarden, Nudedragons and then on their re-union tour and King Animal tour. My favorite shows will be TADGarden and Nudedragons. But the King Animal tour was also fantastic! I saw them thrice on that tour, the two Seattle shows and then the one in Portland, OR.

Coming back to the current show, it was a little disappointing. With all due respect to Nine Inch Nails, I feel they should have closed the evening with NIN opening. That did not happen. Their set was short. The sound was boomy, unlike how they sounded on their last tour. To this day, I can close my eyes and listen to Beyond the Wheel from the Nudedragons show. The crisp guitars, punchy base, the thundering drums and grinning faces all around. Thank you to the photographer for ruining the last moments by moving around the stage. AH!

Searching With My Good Eye Closed
The Day I Tried to Live
My Wave
Jesus Christ Pose
Hunted Down
Fell on Black Days
A Thousand Days Before
Burden in My Hand
Rusty Cage
Beyond the Wheel

Hopefully, I get to see them soon

Pics are here.

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