New Music – 22 July, 2014

Bot all these on vinyl over the past couple weeks:

Mark Lanegan Band – No Bells on Sunday: Was supposed to release on July 29th but it was already delivered yesterday. Sounds awesome!
Mark Lanegan Band - No Bells on Sunday

Jack White solo albums: Ordered these online a while ago. Had to get ’em.
Jack White - Blunderbuss

Jack White - Lazaretto

I am a die hard Morphine fan. Got this vinyl for $36 on ebay, first print and 180gm. =)
Morphine - Yes

Love NY, had to buy this:
Neil Young - A Letter Home

Likewise, love Norah and had to get this! Why cant they include a download card with the vinyl?
Puss n Boots - No Fools, No Fun

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