Oz Noy, Jazz Alley – Seattle (2014)

I love Oz Noy. I used to go see him at Bitter End in NYC when I lived up there. Thanks to Vikas who introduced me to him.

He comes to Seattle once a year to Jazz Alley and I dont pass on that opportunity. He never disappoints. His first two albums have been a soundtrack to stay in NYC. =) Gosh, so much fun. I am listening to “Chillin” as I am writing this. Awesome stuff.

He is a very accomplished musician and I really wish he is more in the limelight. His shows are intense and absolute no-nonsense. He has never disappointed, even once! This show was extra special as he was being accompanied by Oteil and Keith Carlock. I love Oteil but I not been much into Keith Carlock’s music. The show was amazing. Most of the show comprised of stuff from his newest album. Keith Carlock kicks ass! Oz and Oteil were relaxed and seemed to be enjoying themselves too. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. How I wish he comes here more often.

Pics are here.

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