Flight To Mars, Showbox at the Market – Seattle

This years show did not have as many “special guests” as their usual. McCready was awesome as usual. Jeff Fielder stood out with his tasty solos. Not much this time around from Tim Dijulio.

I consider myself a veteran at the annual Flight to Mars shows for CCFA benefit. I have attended over half a dozen of these shows. =) Most of the early shows have been very memorable. If you havent seen McCready play with Shadow, you havent seen him at all. Of all the people I have seen play Hendrix songs, in my book, McCready plays them the best. Him playing Machine Gun at one of these shows is one of my most memorable concert memories. He is just something else!

All in all a good show but not in the same league as some of their past shows.

Flight to Mars, 2014

Cellphone pics are here.

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