McTuff, Seamonster – Seattle

McTuff is a really prolific band from Seattle. Its a trio that often invites their friends to join them. I saw them once with Crack Sabbath and was very impressed with them. McTuff was sort-of co-headlining the show but it was also a Crack Sabbath show. Fast forward to this Tuesday. I did not have anything better to do and I wanted to cool off after a long day. I decided to check these guys out at this insanely cosy place Seamonster Lounge – no expectations really. By now I have seen Andy Coe (guitars) play many a times and he is really good but again, I did not go with any expectations.

What happened next was mind-blowing. These guys are so funky and groovy! Man, they were on fire. Its insane that they are not the most talked about band and playing at bigger and popular venues. Each one of them smoked. Andy was ripping it apart from their first song, Tarik (drums) who had recovered from a fractured hand was, in my opinion, making up for what he wasn’t able to in the last few months. Or who knows, that’s probably his usual. Either way, it was a treat. Joe (hammond organ) was amazing too. He is funny and just awesome! An exceptional show, simply wow!

Every now and again, you discover a band and are like why did I not get into this music earlier? It was definitely that feeling for me on Tuesday. Dont miss em, if you have a chance. If you live in the Seattle area, they pretty much play 100 shows every week. Do yourself a favor and go check em out!


Pics are here.

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