Soundtrack of my life!

For a long long long time, I have been wanting to write this post. A post that will list out the music that has been a soundtrack to my life. From the very early days when I used to listen to Nevermind on the Philips “2-in-1” in Bombay, to “OK Computer” and “Under the table and dreaming” on my disc man (that haddi got me) to “Songlines” in my x-Terra or “Kaput” on my current car. These albums have a lot of memories associated with them. They pretty much take me to the time when I first listened to them, each time I listen to them. These albums have meant a lot to me and ya, these are the albums I will carry with me to if I was to get marooned on an island. Since I never got to actually writing the post, I figured I can create a pinboard for it. So here it is (the always work in progress), Soundtrack to my life:

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