I was extremely lucky to get to see Mr. Joe Satriani at a cosy little bar, which hosted not more than 350 people last night, where the new super group Chickenfoot made their first ever appearence. They played about 13 songs, and what a show it was… wow.
The highlight for me was ofcourse watching Satriani play. That guy is a monster, talented or rather someone who has perfected his art by keeping on practising religiously. Its a joy to see him play. I wish i can be like him… aah, who wouldnt what to be. An inspiration.
One of the things i will never ever forget was a point in the show where Sammy Hagar (vocals) said, he and the other guys dint like to rehearse so much but Joe always get them to rehearse. He said he is so good yet he likes to rehearse. Joe just raised shoulders and one hand, without saying a word. To me, it was like, he was saying, isnt that what i always preach, ask you guys to do? Man, what a guy.
I am so glad i went for this show, thanks to Vikas for sending me the link to the tickets website. The tickets had sold out within 5 minutes.
Thank you Professor Satchafunkilus!!
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