Last week I saw Sonny Landreth play at the Triple door. The show was just awesome. I am enjoying his music more than ever since then. I also bot his new album – "From the reach" based on Vikas’ recommendation. And its worth a lot more than what i paid for, not one bad song and some absolute gems. "Uberesso" and "Blue Tarp Blues" are my favorites so far. I always loved "Grant Street". Its a awesome record. Watching Sonny play "Native Stepson" and "Pedal" was a treat!

So i thought of buying some of his early CD’s to complete my collection. So i looked around in every store in Bellevue without any luck. So i went to Seattle. Easy Street dint have anything that i dint. So I went to another record store, in UW, just don’t feel like naming it.

I looked around and then, couldn’t find a Sonny album – neither in Blues nor in Pop/Rock. So i went up to the guy at the counter and asked him if he had any Sonny Landreth CD’s. There were two guys at the counter who made me spell his name. Cos of my Indian accent, i had to spell it a few times before they could get it right. They looked up their inventory on the computer and told me they dint carry any of his CD’s. Next he asked me, what genre of music was that, Jazz? I said Blues and thought to myself, huh this guy doesn’t know Sonny Landreth and he owns this big record store.

Next, I thought of trying the used record store in UW. I went there and luckily i found 2 of his albums that i gladly picked. I went to the counter and gave the guy these two CD’s. The guy asks me, "Did you see him last Saturday?". I was so happy. Here is somebody who knows what he is doing. I said "Yes!!". I asked him if he did, and apparently, he hadn’t. Next he asked me if i saw Susan Tedeschi at Moore, i told him that i missed that show. The we started discussing a few other shows we both has seen and so on. The guy also went on to recommend some music and i think i will take his suggestions and try them out.

Some places just make you feel like home and make you feel like coming back. I know where i will be going first next time i go CD shopping in UW. For those of you who don’t know who Sonny Landreth is, here he is guesting on a Mark Knopfler song. Hope you enjoy it!


And here’s one more:

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2 Responses to ZydecOldsmobile

  1. Santosh says:

    Here is a link to some free songs from Sonny\’s website: http://www.sonnylandreth.com/lagniappeMP3s.html

  2. Yoyo says:

    I love "Rollin On", "I Dug Up A Diamond", and "Sailing to Philadelphia" by Mark Knopfler, and his \’Shangri-La\’ Album. Thank u 🙂

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