Nuno v/s Tom?

The new Extreme album will be released on coming Tuesday (their first album in 13 years). I was trying to get a sneak peak into what’s coming. I thought that i should check out their first single from the song and read a few reviews as well.

The song is available on their myspace and ultimate-guitar. The song is awesome and if you are a Extreme fan, its very special. I cant wait for the album. 4 more days to go. Woo.

As i was listening to the song, i looked at the reviews. One guy said the song sounded like "It’s Audioslave ripping off Pink Floyd" another guy saying "Nuno kicks Tom’s ass. A lot of people were drawing comparisons between Gary Cherone – Chris Cornell and Nuno Bettencourt – Tom Morello.

Why do people make comments like that? I wonder. I would be very careful about what i say and not make statements that i cannot defend. How can Extreme sound like Audioslave? Lol. I mean, what was that guy talking? Any Audioslave/Extreme fan would know that Extreme happened before Audioslave. Extreme released their last album in 1995 and Audioslave released their first album in 2000. Secondly, Tom Morello has often quoted that he is a big fan of Nuno. I once saw his interview in which he said he used to go to this local club in Boston to check Extreme (Nuno) play. Tom is influenced by Nuno and he accepts that. Yet, why say Nuno kicks Tom’s ass? Nuno is better technically and Tom is awesome for his sound and groovy riff’s and the energy he creates. Nuno isn’t Tom and Tom isn’t Nuno but they are both amazing players, with amazing attitude and can be role models for any rock guitarists.

My 2 cents: I think people should be very careful about what they write. They should verify facts before saying something. Secondly if they are fans of one band, it doesn’t mean that all other bands suck. If you like Nuno it doesn’t mean Tom is bad and vice versa. If you want to talk shit about someone, first go listen to their music. RATM rocks and so does Extreme and so does Audioslave. There are die hard fans of each of those bands. And its cool that the has been some influence rubbing between these guys and its so cool to see the respect these guys have for each other.

I am a huge fan of Nuno, Cherone, Tom and Chris. Huge fan, and i will always be. Thank you!!

PS: (1) I cant go to Charlotte to watch Extreme, Vikas had an extra ticket for me. Boo hoo hoo, and Extreme don’t play in Seattle, BOO HOO HOO.

(2) I have seen Tom Morello make everyone jump up and down a la-Rage Against the Machine audience with a acoustic guitar in hand. I cannot imagine anyone else i have heard doing that.

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