RIP Crocodile Cafe!!

Crocodile Cafe, the small cafe, a la CBGB for Seattle is closing down. The Showbox, THE place to go see BIG bands is bot by a big company based in LA. What does this mean to me? To us?

Crocodile will be missed forever. Crocodile was a small place, with the main floor being the size of two living rooms of a one bedroom flat put together. Imagine that and then imagine your favorite band on stage. It was an intimate affair. You could connect to the guys on the stage, talk to them and hear them talk. A place that brings the best out from of the band. Too bad that i will never get to get into that place anymore.

The Showbox, needs no introduction. Well, that’s the place where all the big bands used to play. Its not an arena. Its a small club where the likes of The Yardbirds, Ramones, Nat King Cole, Eric Clapton, Velvet Revolver, Stephen Stills, all the great Seattle grunge bands, etc, etc have played. That that place is part of Seattle music history in the biggest way. Small place again but really really nice. Although Showbox isn’t closing but is apparently its got bot. 😦 Too bad anyway. I don’t want to see another plush place where the tickets prices are sky high and the place is too formal. I don’t want to go to a big venue cos i just love the small place and i really like it there. I hope the new owners don’t continue to use the name Showbox, i really do. Their money should only allow them to buy the place and not the history of the place.

I cant believe that such a thing could have happened. I was sad yesterday about Croc news and today i heard abt Showbox. Two nasty blows to the live music in Seattle in the same week. 😦 You know what, i have never got to see RCKCNDY or Off Ramp or Fenix Underground. That’s bad. But know what’s worse, people to come will neither see RCKCNDY, Off Ramp or Fenix nor will they will never see Croc or The Showbox we know. That’s really sad.

I sound like a hippie i guess, but i couldn’t help it. RIP Croc!!

Minutes after i posted that, i found this link: I cant believe that they have put that up for a lease for that price. Heartbreaking.

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