Life is beautiful!!

It was a usual Seattle morning today. It was overcast and raining outside when i woke up. I had to get to work early today for a meeting but the gloomy weather and the cold did not make me feel like getting out of my bed.
I stepped out of my house about 20 minutes late, than the time i had planned to. It was still raining and the cloud cover was still there. I took my car out and was waiting to merge onto 156th Ave, waiting for the cars to give me way to get on the avenue. After waiting for about 20 seconds i got on the 156th Ave and was happy to notice that the light next to my apt complex was green. On days you are late, everything matters. As i was driving past the light, i noticed that the cars on the other side were slowing down and some of them had already stopped. There were no accidents, i looked around to see why they were stopping… …i saw this guy making his way onto the street, bang in the middle of the road and noway near the zebra crossing. This guy in the car had stopped his car and the man crossing the road was bending down to help a tiny squirrel who had probably lost his way and was freezing in here. It was sad to see the poor squirrel struggle but at the same time, it moved me to see that the guy in the car stopped his car for this tiny, cute little creature and the other guy volunteer to walk onto the road and rescue the animal. The entire thing happened in about 8-10 seconds but it touched me so much. My day was made. It feels so nice to see such things. Life’s beautiful, hope those guys had a great day.
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