Gone but not forgotten

I still remember the time when i was still in school and i was listening to Nevermind on my small mono-casette player. I just loved the album and i used to listen to it all the time, playing it as loud as i can. Its an awesome album, all the energy, aggression, awesome. I was a Nirvana fan from that day. I have been reading his biography, his scrapbook, and the more i know about him, the more i like him. I just love to drive by his house on Lake Washington, sit in his park (Viretta Park), and gaze at the lake. Its a feeling you have to experience by being there.

Yesterday was Kurt Cobain’s 13th death anniversary. I started my day listening to "My my, hey hey" by Neil Young, the song that Kurt quoted in his "sucide note". I listened to Nirvana all day long and then decided to pay a tribute to the man, to visit the place where he breathed last. I drove to his house on Lake Washington Blvd. I sat in Viretta park (Kurt’s park) looking around…. observing his house, looking at the bench and imagining how it would have been there when Kurt sat there with his guitar, looking at the park, took a few pics, other people in the park. I left rose i brought on his bench. I talked to a few others who were in the park, spent some time in solitute and left after about an hour.
Sad he isnt there anymore. Rest in peace Kurt!
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1 Response to Gone but not forgotten

  1. Mahesh says:

    This was a very touching blog. This blg truly reflects your personality as I understand you. I heard great things about Kurt from my brother but to really see you pay him respects was great. Keep the warm thoughts flowing dude!!

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